Rosalind Shrinivas

Rosalind Shrinivas is a Illustrator and Design Graduate based in the UK. Rosalind creates illustrative works that are thoughtful, distinctive and have dimension, purposed to connect with the viewer through a form of escapism. Rosalind works primarily in black and white, creating graphic, detailed pieces from emotive concepts.

Published Work

Hunger TV - October 2017
Red Milk Magazine - January 2018
Bullett Media - October 2017
Cortex Creatives
Girls Girls Girls Zine
Boxed Off - February 2018
Help! I Don't Know What I'm Doing. - March 2018


'Integration' ONCA Gallery, Brighton, April 2018
'Sing Into My Mouth' Hill Street Design House, Edinburgh, November 2017
'Friends of the Fanzine Part 6' The Old Haidressers, Glasgow, May 2017